Philips SpeechMike III LFH-3300 with barcode scanner

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Philips SpeechMike LFH-3300 Pro Plus push button controls and integrated Barcode Scanner take stationary dictation to a whole new level

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The SpeechMike LFH-3300 with push button operation and integrated Barcode Scanner offers a smart and easy way to link client or patient data to recorded file. Once the data is scanned, it is automatically attached to the dictation file, increasing accuracy and reducing time associated with matching data. The SpeechMike has been a staple in the dictation community for years.

The device offers superior audio quality, comfortable single hand operation over dictations and other third party applications. With a 5 Star rating for use with Dragon speech recognition software, the SpeechMike is the most flexible handheld pc dictation device on the market today.

Superior Audio Quality

The advanced microphone is conditioned for crystal clear sound and has 5 star accuracy rating for use with Dragon Medical and Legal Software.

  Antimicrobial Housing

The new housing impedes the reproduction of microorganisms, which is important for use in a clinical environment

Customizable Controls

Designed to meet your individual preferences, functions or application shortcuts can be assigned to the control buttons for greater efficiency

  Ergonomic Design

Designed for user comfort, each zone is optimized to keep movement to a minimum. The trackball uses a laser sensor for precise cursor movement.

Optimizes Workflow for Speech Recognition

The Philips SpeechControl software enables you to individually program the SpeechMike buttons for extended usability and productivity within speech recognition software

  SpeechExec Software

Offers an amazing out of the box experience. Streamline dictation, transcription, and integration with speech recognition software from one central application. Offer clear and transparent organization of recordings and documentation.


Optimized ergonomic, comfortable design for fatigue-free operation


Capture dictation for automatic routing to transcriptionist


Centralized update of both software and firmware

Excellent capabilities for integration with speech recognition software


Customizable functionality to enhance productivity


Support of CITRIX and Windows Terminal Server environment

Noise reduction microphone for capturing superb audio dictation


Noise reduction microphone for capturing superb audio dictation


Hassle-free, intuitive operation
for end-users

Customizable functionality for any third-party applications (i.e. EMRs, electronic imaging system)


Excellent capabilities for integration with speech recognition software


Robust and durable design for
solid, long-term performance

Integrated Barcode Scanner to accurately scan and link client/patient data to dictations


Increased security and accuracy through the Integrated Barcode Scanner


Setting up dictation stations is as simple as it gets

Dragon for Legal Compatible Speech to Text - Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal 12.5 is highly recommended with Philips Speechmikes
Dragon Medical Practice Edition Software - Pair Philips SpeechMike Barcode Scanner to perform with Dragon Medical speech recognition
Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional Software - NaturallySpeaking Dragon and Philips SpeechMike PC is top rated!
Philips Extra Dictation and Transcription Services - Meet Philips professional line of dictation and transcription software compatible solutions
Warranty Information
Only at 1 Year Advanced Replacement Warranty

The 1 Year Advanced Replacement Warranty (covers hardware) goes into effect the date of purchase. Should the unit malfunction or break, will transmit an Etag or electronic FEDEX shipping tag via Email. This electronic communication may be used as an official FEDEX shipping label. The malfunctioning unit will be shipped back to (no freight expense to our client) and replaced with a new unit.

The product will be replaced with the same product model by the same manufacturer. If the model has been discontinued, will replace the faulty product with the "new and improved" (i.e. it may have more features) model.

The Replacement program is second to none! We want our customers to have the best possible experience.
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