Dragon Medical Practice Edition 1 with PowerMic II

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Dragon Medical Practice Edition with Nuance Dictaphone PowerMic II accelerates EHR adoption and implementation. Recorders.com Certified Elite Support Team is top rated by hundreds of clinicians that need the Fastest, FREE shipping and support in the USA

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Recognition Speed & Accuracy 22% More Accurate

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 lets clinicians use a narrative format to dictate the elements
of a patient encounter where clinicians need to document care in their own words, including the
History of Present Illness, Review of Systems, Physical Examination, and Assessment and
Plan.   Dragon Medical Practice Edition significantly improves recognition response time. The
Software is significantly faster than previous editions!
  • 15% more accurate than Dragon Medical v10.1
  • Keyboard based corrections added for easy transcription
  • More accurate recognition of your voice – 'um' and 'ah' are filtered, along with unwanted noise
  • Smart configuration detects any hardware resources you may have and recommends how to integrate
  • Recognition analytics automatically detects poor audio input so you're using the best audio input possible
  • Improved recognition speed – it will type just as fast as you speak
  • New sidebar and updated user interface for enhance navigation and ease of use
  • Simplify the documentation process with voice controlled performance
  • Improves the quality, efficiency, and profitability of the care you provide
  • Raises clinician satisfaction. Physicians who use
    Dragon Medical Practice Edition report that it makes the practice of medicine more enjoyable
  • Accelerates EHR Adoption. Clinicians can dictate the "medical decision-making"—History of Present Illness, Review of Symptoms, Assessment and Plan—while within the EHR

  • Helps you dictate notes in your own words—creating robust, meaningful notes that truly capture the patient encounter—rather than the "cookie-cutter" notes.

As the CIO of a medium sized rural community hospital, we constantly looked for solutions that would make our physicians more productive. I have physicians that have been with us for over 20 years thanking me for making their jobs easier. Thank you Recorders.com and Nuance! Great Job!

Recorders.com is simply the best! We are able to use Dragon Medical Practice Edition in a variety of ways, direct dictation and with our mobile devices, the accuracy and service is near perfect.

PowerMic II Overview

Dragon Medical Practice Edition is the most widely used and successful speech recognition solution in the history of the industry. It is used by over 100,000 providers in the US today to document care, directly in an EMR, in Microsoft Word, or in other clinical software. Dragon Medical Practice Edition is available with a headset or with PowerMic II, Nuance's noise canceling handheld microphone. The PowerMic II is a revolutionary way to dictate and control applications in one device. Users can assign Dragon functions and personal commands to PowerMic buttons to increase the speed of maneuvering through an EMR, Templates or document management system.

Dragon Medical Practice Edition wth PowerMic II

Dragon Medical Practice Edition Features

  • Amazingly Accurate: Dragon Medical Practice Edition is the most accurate speech recognition application on this planet. Dictate at up to 160 words per minute with 99% accuracy. Dragon Medical Practice Edition is 15% more accurate out-of-the-box than Dragon Medical 10.1

  • Automatic Resource Identification: Dragon Medical Practice Edition runs on a number of different types of computers, including netbooks, tablets, desktops, laptops and high-powered servers. The software automatically detects hardware resources and sets up the recommended configuration. Its state-of-the-art technology takes advantage of advances in hardware and runs in multiple-threads automatically when multi-core hardware is detected, to achieve better recognition performance.

  • Hardware & System Alerts: Generally misrecognitions are a result of poor audio quality caused by faulty microphones or improper use of a microphone, ambient noises, and battery issues. Dragon Medical Practice Edition will automatically detect poor audio input; then alert the user and offers user's possible solutions to correct the issue.

  • Recognition Speed: Dragon Medical Practice Edition significantly improves recognition response time. The software is also faster than previous editions when selecting application menu items by voice, or executing voice commands that perform actions within applications.

  • Keyboard-based Corrections: In the past, corrections entered using the keyboard didn't improve the user's speech profile, which was a bummer. That is no longer the case, now when a user dictates something and makes a correction using his/her keyboard, those corrections will update the user profile to prevent it from happening again.

  • New Sidebar: A major enhancement over Dragon Medical 10's Sample Commands window, this new desktop assistant allows users to discover and remember many commands and tips; at any time, it lets you glance at, or explore, global commands (including mouse commands), application-specific commands and custom-created commands, as well as tips. Its content changes depending on what window is currently active. In addition, the Sidebar lets users print its content.

  • New User Wizard: Now creating a new profile is even easier than before. The user profile creation wizard has been redesigned to be simple and conversational. The new menu directs you every step of the way.

  • Help Menu & Tutorial Videos: The New help menu has several new items and illustrations, short videos, and other tools to help users master Dragon Medical Practice Edition.

  • Controlling your Computer: Dragon Medical Practice Edition now supports more voice commands to show common Windows elements, including the desktop and Control Panel, or folders such as My Documents and My Pictures.

  • Playback Enhancements: You can now set the software to fast-forward, rewind, increase the volume and speech – putting the user in the driver seat.

  • Optimized Digital Voice Recorders Support: A dream come true! Dragon Medical Practice Edition has reduced the training time for dictation devices from 15 to 4 minutes.

  • Multiple Format Support: Dragon Medical Practice Edition now supports additional file formats for transcribing audio files. Now .DSS, .DS2, .WAV, .MP3 and .WMA formats are accepted automatically.

  • New Open User Window: Dragon Medical Practice Edition displays profiles in a tree structure for faster access to multiple profiles.

  • HIPAA Support: Dragon Medical Practice Edition protects sensitive and confidential patient information via encrypted file storage of speech files, which satisfies HIPAA privacy & confidentiality guidelines.

  • EMR Support: Dragon Medical Practice Edition has been tested with several EMR and EHR manufactures to ensure compatibility.

  • Hidden Mode: This feature allows users to dictate while multi-tasking. Users can surf their favorite medical websites while dictating in a background application.

  • Medical Templates: Dragon Medical Practice Edition includes about two dozen medical templates, which allows users to get up and running quicker.

  • Medical Vocabularies: 60 Medical specialty and subspecialty vocabularies are included to provide the highest level of recognition.

  • Medical Specific Formatting: The software has an option to automatically format medical abbreviations, follow capitalization rules, acronyms, dates, times and units of measure, which means Less Editing.

  • MyCommands View: This simplified window will allow clinicians to easily locate, edit and manage their custom commands.

  • Custom Templates: If you don't find what you're looking for in the built-in templates, you can create your own and include voice fields that will allow you to easily navigate through the template.

  • Regional Accent Support: Whether you have a southern twang, Spanish, Pakistani, Indian, Asian, Australian, Canadian or Northern US accent, Dragon Medical Practice Edition has a language model for you.

  • Bluetooth Support: Use Dragon Medical Practice Edition with your favorite Bluetooth headset.

  • Increased Web Efficiency: Clinicians can now search their favorite medical websites using a single command.

  • Voice Shortcuts: Finally you can tell your computer what to do! Use Dragon shortcuts to quickly search for information on the Web or on your own computer. Need to find something fast, just say so.

  • Quick Voice Formatting: If you come across a block of text that you want formatted, just say the word and it's done (e.g., "Bold quick voice formatting")

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Product Reviews
  • ***** documentation is more complete - October 04, 2012
    by Andrew
  • since we've adopted Dragon Medical Practice Edition, far fewer claims are denied before they go out the door since the documentation is more complete and comprehensive

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  • ***** Love it - October 04, 2012
    by Rob
  • I love it. I dictate, sign [the note] off, and it's done. To me, quality of life is better with Dragon Medical

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  • ***** Excellent - June 29, 2012
    by Lawrence
  • Great way to dictate into a template with Dragon Medical Software. The PowerMic offers rapid movement throughout our EMR and the accuracy is near perfect. We read several reviews before purchasing the Dragon Medical Software, one consistent observation from other reviewers was the correlation between accuracy and having a high quality microphone. This is  especially important  if plan to share your speech profile on more than one computer.   USB technology provides consistent audio quality because it is not reliant on the sound card of any given pc, so my accuracy is just as good on one computer as it is another.  We are very pleased with the our software, hardware and support service with Recorders.com. 

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  • ***** you are the best - June 29, 2012
    by Andy
  • As always we love working with your team. We started with Recorders.com at Version 7. The software upgrade to Dragon Medical V 11 was worth the investment and your support team is superb.  Thank for your continued effort and excellent service.

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  • ***** Dragon Medical Practice Edition and Greenway - June 08, 2012
    by Wayne
  • I had the pleasure of working with your support team on an issue. The Philips LFH-3200 SpeechMike III worked like a charm with Dragon Medical Practice Edition and Greenway, once configured properly.

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  • ***** Great Software - June 29, 2012
    by Michael
  • Impressed with the accuracy out of the box.  In week one I was a speech recognition convert, it works.  Thank you to your team for spending  the time with me to make the right product choice for our office.  Will be a client for life.

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  • Dragon Medical Practice Edition DVD
  • Nuance PowerMic II USB Microphone
  • Plus Dragon Medical Practice Edition Noise Canceling Headset Microphone
  • Best Dragon Medical Practice Edition Approved Solution for Electronic Medical Records System
  • Eliminate transcription costs
  • Dragon Medical Practice Edition Free Award Winning Support
  • Dragon Medical Practice Edition Free Shipping
  • Dragon Medical Practice Edition Free Incremental Updates
  • Recorders.com is an Elite Certified Dragon Medical Solutions Partner
  • Top Rated USA Dragon Medical Support Team
  • See our Dragon Medical Practice Edition Product Reviews Tab above

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