Sony IC SX 55 How To Divide a Recording into two files

Posted by: Staff Member | Posted on: July 1, 2011
Dividing a Message
You can divide a message during recording or playback. When you have a long recording, dividing the file can make it easier to find the point you want to playback.

1) While recording or playing back a message, press DIVIDE/ (bookmark) button at the point you want to divide.
The new message number is added at the point you selected. The New Message and "DIVIDE" flash for 3 seconds. The Message will be divided into two files.

2) To play the divided message Press the jog lever up or down to select the correct message number.
Note: To play the divided messages continuously without stopping at the end of each file, Select "CONT" on the Menu and set it to "on". The recorder will now play all messages/files in a folder.

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Comment from: jd smith | August 5, 2011 | 11:17 AM
good article