Olympus DS-2 Adjusting the Noise Canceling Feature

Posted by: Recorders.com | Posted on: July 7, 2009
olympus ds-2
Noise Cancel Function
If recorded audio is difficult to understand because of noisy surroundings, adjust the Noise Cancel setting level. Noise will be reduced in the file when it is played back for better sound quality.

1) Press and hold the MENU/SET button for 1 second or longer while the file is playing. This will display the current set Noise Cancel level.
2) Press the MENU/SET button again to choose a noise cancel level. The levels switch in the following rotation, "OFF" "LOW" "HIGH".

Note: If the Noise Cancel level is set to "LOW" or "HIGH", the level setting is displayed for 5 seconds when a file is played back.

To change the Noise Cancel level setting, press the MENU/SET button while the level setting is displayed.

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