Top 10 Benefits of Digital Dictation Technology

Posted by: Staff Member | Posted on: July 7, 2011
Unparalleled benefits over analog technology, we offer a quick recap of the top 10 reasons digital outperforms its analog predecessor. 

1. Organization: Digital dictation allows you to organize your dictations into files and folders, plus offers workflow management tools through the PC software interface.
2. Superior Sound quality: Clear, precise recording and playback for easy listening and transcription. 
3. Longer Record Time: NO more tapes, now you can record for hours and hours. 
4. Solid State: the Memory is solid state (No movable Parts) so it's skip-free.  
5. Increased efficiency: Digital files allow you to access any point in the file within seconds. No rewinding or fast forwarding back and forth to find a portion of the file. 
6. Features Features Features: lots of 'em! From "Index Marks" to indicate an important part of a file, to Voice Activated Recording, digital recorders are packed with enhanced capabilities.  
7. Small Lightweight design: digital recorders fits in the palm of your hand and practically weight less than the batteries.
8. PC Compatible: Download your files right to the PC! Plus you can use digital recorder with a host of other applications, for example speech recognition, transcription kits, and more. 
9. Greater Mobility:  digital allows you to transfer data quickly and simply via a computer so you can work remotely. 
10. Ease of Use: With a Backlit LCD screen to display record time, available memory battery life, & much more. Digital recorders make it easy to navigate and utilize the technology.

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