Top 10 Reasons Why a Digital Voice Recorder is Cooler than Analog

Posted by: Staff Member | Posted on: September 20, 2011
10. Tapes are cumbersome. Keeping a bulky cassette in your pocket can ruin your outfit. Is it easier to deliver clunky tapes or push a button and have files magically show up on your transcriptionist’s computer screen?

If this sounds like a good idea to you check out the Olympus DS-5000 Digital Voice Recorder or the Philips Pocket Memo LFH-9600. They feature automatic download and file transfer options.

9. All of the cool people are doing it. Look at the most successful and agile businesses in any market, and you will see that they are utilizing digital solutions. The future of business is now.

8. No one looks cool when their recorder eats a tape. Have you ever tried to fix a cassette after it spit film everywhere? Not fun. Memory cards with no moving parts minimize risk. It saves you the embarrassment of having to explain why you lost your dictation. Plus they have far greater capacity. The 4GB Built-in Memory on the Olympus LS-7 Linear PCM Recorder fits up to 1,007 hours!

7. Modern art is way cool. Have you seen these things? They’re works of art! Each recorder is ergonomically designed to maximize comfort and productivity. Every curve is painstakingly constructed to offer you the best user experience possible.

6. Digital makes you look smarter. Be ahead of the curve and take advantage of this amazing technology before everyone else. It’s constantly improving. Every day that you wait puts you further behind the competition.

5. Digital recorders will help get you into shape. Okay—that’s not necessarily true. But you can use the time you save going digital to sculpt your muscles in the gym.

4. Digital goes with everything. Digital recorders have a high level of compatibility with all sorts of systems. No matter what your workflow there will be a recorder just for you. For example, the Olympus DS-5000 records in DSS format and DS2 format. This allows you to send either file format depending on what kind of software your transcriptionist is running.

3. Your competition is going to be super jealous. They are going to be jealous of your productivity, and the ease at which you operate. Digital will free you to focus on winning.

2. Digital voice recorders are good for your hair. You can finally stop pulling out your hair because of senseless busy work like data entry and writing—data entry is so twentieth century. Using digital solutions from is a perfect setup. Not only do you get excellent equipment, you also get world class technical support from our expert team.

1. Being successful is very cool. Digital voice recorders will help you achieve the success you want by eliminating hassles and streamlining your workflow. People will tell you how cool you are for making the transition, and if they don’t it’s only because they are intimidated by your awesomeness.

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