How to choose the best recorder

Posted by: Staff Member | Posted on: September 21, 2011
How to choose the best recorder
With the vast array of recording devices on the market, choosing the right equipment can seem like a daunting task. Selecting the wrong device can cause headaches and waste your time. Understanding the functionality of various recorders will simplify the process, and ensure your long term satisfaction.

Dictation Recorders
Dictation recorders are geared towards receiving audio from one source. They are perfect for busy doctors and lawyers who use a transcriptionist service. While they can be configured for lectures, these recorders are specifically designed to pickup audio sources that are in close proximity to the unit.

A couple of the industry’s most popular dictation recorders are the Olympus DS-5000 Digital Voice Recorder and the Philips Pocket Memo LFH-9500. These options include slide switch operation which allows the user to rewind in the midst of a dictation and record over errors. They also include docking stations that automate downloading and emailing.

Transcription Kits
Transcription kits are used by the transcriptionist to manually convert audio files into documents. They include software, a headset, and foot pedals for playback control. They speed up the transcription process allowing for greater efficiency.

Whether you are using the Olympus AS-5000 PRO Transcription Kit or the Philips LFH-7277 PRO Transcription Kit you will definitely appreciate their easy interface, and excellent playback features. Both products feature a 1 year replacement warranty.

Conference/Lecture Recorders
Conference/Lecture recorders are intended for use in larger areas where there are multiple sources of sound. Students will find them useful for recording college lectures, while law enforcement officials will appreciate the tamper-proof features.

By far our most popular conference recording system is the Philips Conference Recording System 955. It features 4 conference microphones, a docking station, remote control, recording device, and a protective case for the entire kit. All of and it also comes with a 1 year replacement warranty.

Music/Broadcasting Recorders
Music/Broadcasting Recorders are like having a production studio in your pocket. These impressive units can produce CD quality audio and better! They are excellent for a wide range of uses from musicians to professional media personnel. These small but powerful recorders really pack a punch!
The Olympus LS-7 PCM Recorder is an excellent example of a high quality music recorder. People are using these everywhere to record their concerts, or public events. They have high powered microphones that will impress even the most discerning ear.

Once we break down the capabilities of recorders it makes the choice far easier. Choosing the equipment designed for your specific needs will go a long way towards increasing your return on investment.

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