Can I get a witness? Olympus DM-520 with Conference Recording Microphones

Posted by: Tech Team | Posted on: February 1, 2011
Capture it all... even those soft talkers! The DM-520 offers crystal clear sound, 51 hours of battery life, and with it onboard file protection (prevents file tampering) ideally for use in for legal depositions, a courtroom, hearings, etc. The extendability of the Conference Recording Microphones (ME-30W) allows the device to grow with the needs of your organization.

Law firms rely on the powerful, efficient Olympus DM-520 to record consultations with clients, depositions, as well as internal meetings. Courtrooms routinely use the DM-520 with the Conference Recording Microphones (ME-30W), as it provides a wider range of capturing various speakers during legal proceedings. The audio file is then given to an assistant for transcribing using the Olympus AS-2400 Transcription Kit for document creation purposes.

 Law enforcement agencies, as well as field agents, use the DM-520 as a tool to thoroughly document their investigations. Journalists do not miss a beat and are able to capture interviews on the go due in part to the device’s large storage capacity and long battery life. Also, the Olympus DM-520 is a favorite among students as they can use the zoom feature to pinpoint a lecturer’s voice and block out unwanted crowd noise from the background.

The versatile Olympus DM-520 with Conference Recording Microphones provides excellent sound quality with the latest technology. Buy it together as a combo or the single unit. Contact at 877-838-4307 today for excellent sales service, as well as award winning technical support.

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