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EHRs and Audits: The Role of Voice Recognition

The use of voice recognition in other sections of the note, in particular the assessment and plan, also serves to make the note truly unique and a far better protection from a negative audit than notes generated from cloning older notes and/or using templates. Auditors will focus on the assessment to determine the level of complexity of medical decision making, which many feel should be the principle component used to determine the level of service for the encounter.

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Why great attorneys get tired? Legal Industry, Tech Grind and Transformation

I was recently in the room with some of the greatest legal minds in my state. I was enthralled in the witty banter and amazed by their natural talent, skills and understanding of each facet of the law. They had drunk the Kool-Aid of knowledge and were rock stars in their industry. Impressed? Absolutely, who wouldn't be, they were brilliant! Their score board for success was consistently a winning streak. The only thing that seemed off was the redundant nature of how they worked. Example, while one attorney spoke, another attorney typed and would reread this information at the end to ensure the accuracy, only to find out that the original spoken data was not matched properly with what was typed. Why? Because we speak faster than we can document in most cases, the data gets lost in translation.

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Dragon Medical Elite Hourly Support Services! The Ultimate Dragon Medical Training & Support Services for Insanely Successful Results

Learn how the experts setup and utilize Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 to maximize your investment. A transition to Speech Processing is unlike any other you have experienced. Without support you will be challenged. With support you will be inspired. Recorders.com is an Elite Certified Partner. Simplicity isn't simple. The experience from the end user feels easy. This is the outcome of years of hard work and it doesn’t matter just some of the time. It matters all of the time. The result is the best-rated products in the world backed by our top rated support services.

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  • Company Overview & Manufacturer Highlight

Nuance Speech Recognition

Nuance creates the Dragon Medical Practice Edition, Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal, and Professional speech to text software. Medical speech recognition software industry leaders have reviewed and rated Dragon Medical Practice Edition as the best in the world for medical dictation. Paired with the PowerMic II USB microphone, it accelerates the benefits of any electronic medical record system.

Olympus Dictation

Olympus designs award winning digital voice recorders to record audio for interviews, conference recording, and professional dictation. Olympus is renowned for designing next-generation dictation and transcription systems that offer unlimited potential to streamline workflow.

Philips Dictation

Philips dictation solutions include the Digital Pocket Memos, Philips SpeechMikes, Philips Mobile applications, and more. Philips dictation solutions are all developed to turn speech to text as easy and reliable as possible and improve the day-to-day work of busy professionals.

Recorders.com - Your Solutions Provider

Recorders.com brings it all together with the most advanced technical platform that combines the best products, warranties, and overall customer support in the industry. Recorders.com is an Elite Certified Dragon Solutions Partner for Dragon Medical Practice Edition and Professional speech to text solutions and an award winning, pro audio Philips and Olympus partner.